Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two years ago when I started doing early childhood workshops, I found it hard to find books to align with some of the activities I had developed. This prompted  the idea of writing a book to fill the gaps. I am proud to say there is now a book about how to use a magnifying lens! My friend Heather Newton and I worked on this for several months and then we were lucky enough to find a publisher who liked the idea! Some of you may laugh at the fact the main character is named Jenny Sue, but there is a reason for this! My mother, who's name is May Sue, grew up in Wakefield, Virginia. My great grandfather Pop Bell lived with them and used to tell my mother these great stories about a girl name Ginny Sue who lived in the woods and swung on a bullis vine.  Ginny Sue went everywhere and was so smart! She could do anything! When my mother found out she did not exist (this was after my  mom climbed up on the roof while they were fixing it to call for Ginny Sue to come out and play), she swore if she had a little girl she would name her Ginny Sue. So change the spelling a little and you have the story of how I got my name. But the use of Jenny Sue as the main character was not about the story of how I got my name, but more about what Jenny Sue represents. Girls can do science. They can become electrical engineers! The world can be their oyster, but they need to hear this is possible and to meet other women who look like them! So enjoy our little story!

In case you want to order your very own copy, you can find it here

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Everyone Loves Science! So this week I have the honor of working with 25 teachers from Panama! Yes-I said Panama! My fist international trip. What an experience. I missed my connecting flight, waiting 5 hours to catch another flight, and made it without the luggage! Hope it arrives today. But the important stuff made it here last week-my science supplies. Hopefully this week teachers will get excited about conducting science experiments with their learners. Although I don't know the curriculum they teach here, conducting activities and designing experiments is something everyone loves-or at least I love it!